Fullerton Markets Launches Multi-Account Manager on MT5

Posted by Fullerton Markets on Dec 13, 2021 3:44:48 PM

Fullerton Markets announced today the launch of its new Multi-Account Manager (MAM) on MT5. It is a highly anticipated trading system that enables traders to work with multiple accounts.

Fullerton Markets’ MAM on MetaTrader5 allows traders to control their accounts from a single interface. It also allows them to quickly change the lot size for all managed accounts via 4 different methods: Lot Allocation, Percent Allocation, Proportional By Balance, and Proportional By Equity. Traders and Fund Managers who utilise the MAM can configure it to close all open positions when they reach a certain equity level in any of their managed accounts. Account management is what this tool excels at as it automates the trading process and thus, helps to improve efficiency and reduce risks.

CEO of Fullerton Markets, Mario Singh, said, “We know how and when to improve our clients’ trading experience. Our trading platform has been meticulously designed to help them achieve their goals by providing the tools and services they need to manage multiple accounts with ease. As a broker that specializes in Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies trading, we are committed to offering quality customer service and support, having a variety of trading tools that will give our clients an edge over the markets.”

Fullerton Markets’ MT5 platform is a popular choice for many traders because of its wide range of trading tools, including a variety of graphical analysis tools, expert advisors, and scripts. Managing multiple accounts can be a major time-sink and can decrease the time available for servicing clients. This is where the MAM feature on MT5 comes in handy, allowing MAM clients to switch between their trading accounts seamlessly, without having to close any terminal or restart it.

“We pride ourselves in providing professional trading services that will help our clients achieve their goals. With our industry-leading features and easy-to-use tools, anyone can quickly become a pro. Our trading platform takes the time out of everything and provides a user-friendly experience”, Mario added.

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