Fullerton Markets today announces that they will be the pioneer adopter of KryptoPips, the world’s first multi-broker rewards coin. With cryptocurrencies and blockchain playing an increasingly critical role in the trading industry, the brokerage has taken steps to embrace the latest technologies to offer a better experience to its clients.

Through this partnership, the reward coin will be integrated into the brokerage’s trading system and loyalty program. Combining Fullerton Markets’ wide experience in trading different financial markets and KryptoPips’ deep understanding of technology development, the adoption aims to offer multiple perks to incentivise its new and existing clients. The top benefits include:

  • Higher rebates for products
  • Lower trading commission
  • Generous perks while participating in staking
  • Earn attractive APY

“We have always envisioned ourselves as a disruptor in the trading industry, and we are. We pride ourselves on providing the best service and cutting-edge technology to our clients and partners. As the pioneer adopter of KryptoPips, we can marry both innovation and customer satisfaction to achieve a new level of growth. Our clients and partners will be able to enjoy a highly customisable multiple-level rewards system,” said Rahul Sodhy, CEO of Fullerton Markets.

Danny Christ, CEO of KryptoPips, added, “We are glad to announce this strategic partnership with Fullerton Markets. Their global presence with clients in over 100 countries will be a great asset for the wider adoption of KryptoPips. This rewards coin was developed after seeing two major trends happening over the years. Firstly, client acquisition costs a lot more than client retention, and secondly, the increase in trading volumes recently recorded by brokerages since the pandemic started. Right now, KryptoPips already comes with generous perks, but we plan to add more in the last quarter of this year. We want to democratise the brokerage world and bring value to both brokers and clients.”

About Fullerton Markets 

Fullerton Markets is an award-winning broker recognised for being a disruptive force in the trading industry. Committed to delivering unparalleled safety of funds, lightning-speed execution, and a reliable system of wealth creation, it offers its global clients direct access to the world’s financial market and promises price stability at competitive rates through its tier-one liquidity providers. Equipping clients with the necessary tools and knowledge, Fullerton Markets empowers traders to effectively compete in the market.