Fullerton Markets, one of the fastest-growing brokerages in the Asia Pacific, recently had its marquee event of the year, the Fullerton Leaders Summit 2022. During the event, Fullerton Markets CEO, Mario Singh, unveiled the launch of Fullerverse. 

Building Fullerverse is a part of Fullerton Markets' plan of enlarging its vision and becoming Asia's Fintech Powerhouse. The Fullerton Markets comprehensive app, PipProfit!, will encompass trading, investing, loyalty program, NFTs, E-commerce, and gaming. The new version of the app will have more exciting features that clients will surely love. With Fullerverse, clients can expect to have a fully integrated and all-in-one experience on the go with multiple functions and services, to the same degree as a Super App. Fullerton Markets has already been working on the app for quite some time, and part of it has E-commerce and gaming for entertainment.

“Don't ever think that you are limited,” Mario said. “Not one person can do everything, but everybody can do something through partnerships and collaboration. People are more creative when they work together and share their talents. The world is truly your oyster. It is full of opportunities if people dare to go beyond their limits”, he added.

Fullerton Markets is ready to expand its global presence, raise its brand value, and have a global empire. This expansion will see Fullerton Markets building on the successes of its existing mobile app. PipProfit! will be an innovative addition to its suite of products and services.

About Fullerton Markets International Limited

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