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China Expected to Further Ease Monetary Policy in Fight Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus: China Unlikely To Defend Falling Yuan, Despite US Trade Deal Pressure, Analysts Say

Shanghai Stocks Sell-Off May Be Overdone As Fear Overrides Fundamentals

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Economists: Phase One Trade Deal To Have Limited Impact On The RMB, Economists Predict

China Seen To Be Complying With US Trade War Deal By Allowing Market Forces To Dictate Yuan Exchange Rate

PBOC releases liquidity to shore up economy

RMB's share of global forex reserves hits record: IMF

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U.S. Jobs Report Warrants Another 25 BPS Cut; Imminent Recession Unlikely

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PipProfit! Mobile App: Improve How You Learn and Experience Forex Trading

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China Mulls Scrapping Benchmark Lending Rates In Line With Market Conditions In Latest Reform Move

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China's April Data Yet To Warrant Broader-Based Measures

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Fullerton Markets to Host Investment and Trading Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam

China Industrial Demand Steady As Imports From Australia Surge

China PMI, Euro GDP Data Challenge Pessimism Over Global Growth

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China Factory PMI To Lure More Foreign Inflows As Recovery Sprouts

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What Investors Need To Know About Inverted Yield Curve In U.S.

Chinese Consumers Spent US$2.3 Billion 'Being Lazy' In 2018

Fund Manager Portfolios Need Reshuffle After Fed Meeting

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NPC’s Private Sector Boost To Achieve Three Goals At Once

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Chinese PMI Data Show Yuan Assets Could Be A 2019 Safe-Haven

China's Bank and Insurance Regulator Says Deleveraging Drive Meets Target

Greater Bay Area To Help Cultivate New Talent For Shanghai Tech Board

China’s Loans Hit All-Time High As Banks Open Floodgates In January To Help Slowing Economy

Bruised Exporters, Retailers Show Why U.S. Needs A Trade Deal Now

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Yuan Rate Shows Why Dovish Fed May Eventually Benefit The Dollar

PMI Data Suggests PBOC Will Introduce More Support For SMEs

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Three Immediate Tasks For The New CSCR Chief

Fullerton Markets Announces Launch of State-of-the-art Business Analytics

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China Considers More Stimulus for Economic Recovery

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Inflation Fears, Not Trade War to Chart Global Investor Portfolios

Malaysia’s Youngest Medalling Shooter Joins Fullerton Markets’ Youth Talent Program

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Three Clues Investors May Miss on PBOC’s Broad-based RRR Cut

New Year Sees New Market Jitters Over Trade, Brexit and Central Banks

Mario Singh and Ray Barros Talk Trading at iFX EXPO Asia Stage

Deleveraging Will Remain Anchor of Economic Policies Next Year: Expert

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PBOC may increase monetary support after PMI reaches critical point

Fullerton Markets’ Award-Winning Research & Education Team to Speak at Traders Fair in Vietnam

Chinese yuan may have been underestimated: Is appreciation on the way?

Fullerton Markets Celebrates Wins at Acclaimed World Finance Forex Awards 2018

Fullerton Markets Returns with its Leaders Summit in Putrajaya, Malaysia

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Fullerton Markets Recognised as Asia Pacific’s Best in Research and Education

Fullerton Markets Launches Youth Talent Program

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More Chinese exporters look to the European market

China Stocks, Yuan Tumble on Worries about Economic Slowdown

Fullerton Markets Partners with oneZero to Expand Liquidity Reach

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Fed rate hike has effect on forex trading in China

US bond predictions of a dovish Fed could be proved right

Chinese stocks slip lower, taking breather after recent gains related to Beijing’s stabilising measures

PBOC lowers yuan fix to three-week low after fresh tariff salvo by Washington

Trade, factory inflation data to prompt more proactive fiscal stimulus

Fullerton Markets leaves New Zealand for St. Vincent

A stronger factory PMI doesn't rule out further monetary easing

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Jackson Hole Preview

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Why Solid Chinese Trade Data Could Actually Be a Lid on the Chinese Yuan

Review: Mario Singh’s Secret Conversations With Trading Tycoons

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PBOC’s new FX measures show willingness to fight against yuan’s disorder

Yuan erases gains as central bank’s move to stifle short-selling is not enough to halt the slide

Experts: the future performance of RMB depends on central banks worldwide

Five reasons why yuan’s weakness to persist despite Trump's criticism of dollar

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Mario Singh Launches 3rd Book

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Offshore yuan strengthens by the most in two months as US and China defer escalating trade war

Renminbi Continuing The Fall: RMB falls partly because of stronger US dollars

Fullerton Markets Partners With Trading Central

Open Policies Mid-Year Report: What's next in the policy radar?

Yuan loses 3 per cent in nine days, points to tolerance for weakened currency in Beijing as US trade war looms

Fullerton Markets Partners with Realtime Assets Global Brokerage

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Press Conference With Thailand Media

Mario Singh Releases Third Book

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Yuan Rallies On Expectations That China Will Further Open Up Its Markets

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Fullerton Markets Announces Start of Fullerton Foundation

Fullerton Markets Adds Bitcoin Funding Option

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Yuan heading for best monthly gain since 1994

Fullerton Markets Bags Several Awards From Global Banking And Finance Review

China’s yuan nears 25-month high against the US dollar on optimism over country’s economic outlook

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Yuan hits three-month high after China hints at tighter monetary policy

Financial Mentor Mario Singh Urges Lao People to Tap Investment Potential in Forex

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Fullerton Markets secures three trademarks in New Zealand for its brand

The Three Phases Of Achieving Mastery

Strong yuan guaranteed support during Trump’s Asian tour, underlining its solidity, say analysts

Investment and trade: Latest Commerce Ministry data

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Game Changers September Issue

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International Channel Shanghai Interview

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BNM move on ringgit futures trading in S’pore to benefit Malaysia

Malaysia’s central bank criticises SGX’s trading of ringgit futures

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Short-term predictions on yuan-dollar exchange rate

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Yuan eases as China-US trade talks in Washington end in deadlock